Ina & Christian mit Jannik, Chiara & Tayla Feick

You spend 298 days in an office, make 4.472 boring telephone
calls, spend 2.384 hours staring into your flickering computer
screen and say "Yeah! Great" about twenty times. If you add to this
the number of hours you waste in traffic jams, the time you spend
getting lost in the maze of aisles at the supermarket and the time
you spend cleaning dog shit off your shoes then one thing is clear:

Then you squeeze hot sand between your toes and the wind tugs
at your hair. You can taste the tang of salt and feel the promise of
freedom. The acceleration on sheeting - it makes you shout with
laughter; you are almost blind from the sun radiating through the
spray and you race towards the next wave. Your pulse pounds with
the surf. And the one thought is: LIFE THRILLS!

              robby naish - mistral

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